Nancy’s Knit Knacks.

We recently ordered some knitterly notions from Nancy’s Knit Knacks, filling in where supplies had dwindled.


The WPI Tool Kit is a clever gadget for measuring the number of wraps-per-inch of any given yarn.


This is a handy way to estimate the gauge of an unlabeled yarn, or determine if one yarn may be substituted for another. In this way, it’s useful for spinners, knitters, and crocheters; for weavers, it can help determine the sett of a woven fabric.


Each WPI Tool comes with a Wraps Per Inch Knit-Kard, explaining how to use the tool and how to interpret the WPI you measure.


We also replenished our supply of DP WIP Tubes, for secure storage of works-in-progress on double-pointed needles.


This Perfect Notion Case is new for the Hillsborough Yarn Shop; it has 6 compartments to hold your stitch markers, point protectors, cable needles, and other small notions.


Come by the shop for all the notions you need to get organized and make the most of your projects. See you there!

Hello, Malabrigo Nube.

Two new releases from Malabrigo in a row! This time, it’s not yarn at all, but unspun fleece for spinning or needle-felting. Meet Nube, soft merino wool roving in your favorite Malabrigo colorways.


We have four colors in stock: Azules, Aguas, Arco Iris, and Archangel.



Spinners and needle-felters, come by to see Malabrigo Nube in all its glory! Look for our small roving collection by the window in the front room, near our new button display. See you at the shop!

Spindles and shawl pins.

Earlier this week, we were visited by local fiber artist Lorin Fields, the woman behind Local Color Hues, whose vibrantly hand-dyed merino roving we stock at the shop. She had something special to show us: hand-crafted drop spindles and shawl pins, made in Siler City exclusively from North Carolina hardwoods. Even as non-spinners, Anne and I were wooed by these beautiful pieces, which is why four spindles and four shawl pins have made the Hillsborough Yarn Shop their home.

A special, handmade drop spindle like this would make an excellent gift for a spinner or spinner-to-be, especially when paired with a soft puff of roving. If, like Anne and I, you’re more knitter or crocheter than spinner, the shawl pins are worth a look, and will make for a perfect finishing touch on a wrap or shawl.

Come by the shop to pick your favorite, and to admire the handiwork of a skilled craftsperson.

Local Color Hues.

A brand new batch of roving for spinning and felting has just arrived at the shop, hand-dyed by local fiber artist Lorin Fields.

This 100% merino roving from Local Color Hues is buttery soft, and comes in super-saturated semisolid colorways. I’m not a spinner, myself, but these are extremely tempting little bundles of fiber nonetheless. I imagine that it would be a pleasure to work with, and could be transformed by a spinner into some really special yarn.

Come by the shop to see Local Color Hues roving up close. You’ll find it tucked in the Local Yarns corner, next to wool roving from Brightside Wool.

Brightside Wool.

We were approached recently by a woman who, as a former sheep owner, had an excess of unspun wool. She showed Anne a few puffs of roving, dyed in a handful of solid hues, and explained that this one was 100% Shetland wool, while that one was a blend of Cotswold and Shetland, with some Lambswool mixed in. Anne petted the roving as the woman asked, would you like to carry it at the shop? Why, yes!

We have only a modest selection of wool for spinning at the shop, namely Great Adirondack’s hand-dyed Blue Faced Leicester, so we were only too happy to take on a small selection of locally produced roving. Look for Brightside Wool roving right alongside the Great Adirondack roving, near the desk.

Knit and Spin.

A special issue of Interweave just arrived:

Interweave Knit and Spin is full of wonderful information for spinners, to be sure, but is also worth a look even for those of us that don’t create yarn. After all, as knitters and crocheters, yarn is our medium, and it behooves us to learn about some of the particulars of its production. Look for Interweave Knit and Spin on a little table near the check out, sitting by the Great Adirondack roving. A perfect pair.