New from Jul.

We were delighted to unpack a shipment of shawl pins and closures from Jul this week.


Shawl pins are temporary closures designed to keep a shawl or scarf in place, or close a buttonless cardigan. We have several styles in stock to suit a variety of knit or crocheted garments.


We also replenished our supply of French Curves, unique closures that screw into knitted fabric at two points, and can then be fastened or unfastened by twisting the leather.


Come by the shop to see them in action on our sample “Range Wrap.” See you there!

Shaune Bazner shawl pins.

We recently replenished our supply of Shaune Bazner shawl pins.


These lightweight wooden shawl pins are perfect closures for wraps, scarves, and cardigans. They are so-named because they secure shawls, which can sometimes be unwieldy garments, anchoring loose fabric into place around your shoulders or neck so you don’t have to keep adjusting it. Because they aren’t permanent, like buttons, they allow great flexibility in how a wrap or shawl can be worn.



If you’re seeking such a closure for your finished garments, come to the shop to see the options. While you’re here, be sure to check out our shawl pins and closures from Jul, as well!

Jul shawl pins, closures, and patterns.

Last week, we received some new shawl pins from Jul, along with some other interesting closures and a few patterns that feature them.



These lightweight resin shawl pins come in a rainbow of colors, brightening up our Jul selection, which otherwise tends toward the wooden and the metallic.



We also got some really unusual leather closures from Jul called French Curves, which screw into the knitted fabric at two points, and can then be fastened or unfastened by twisting the leather. Here, we’ve displayed a French Curve on the Sediment Collar, a neckwarmer made in Plymouth Galway, but it would be equally at home on all manner of shawls, wraps, ponchos, or cardigans.




Come by the shop to see all our Jul offerings, and bring in a completed shawl or wrap so you can select the perfect closure.


Spindles and shawl pins.

Earlier this week, we were visited by local fiber artist Lorin Fields, the woman behind Local Color Hues, whose vibrantly hand-dyed merino roving we stock at the shop. She had something special to show us: hand-crafted drop spindles and shawl pins, made in Siler City exclusively from North Carolina hardwoods. Even as non-spinners, Anne and I were wooed by these beautiful pieces, which is why four spindles and four shawl pins have made the Hillsborough Yarn Shop their home.

A special, handmade drop spindle like this would make an excellent gift for a spinner or spinner-to-be, especially when paired with a soft puff of roving. If, like Anne and I, you’re more knitter or crocheter than spinner, the shawl pins are worth a look, and will make for a perfect finishing touch on a wrap or shawl.

Come by the shop to pick your favorite, and to admire the handiwork of a skilled craftsperson.

Knitter’s Pride shawl pins.

The Knitter’s Pride Dreamz circular needles have quickly become our bestselling circulars, and as such, are forever being reordered. This week’s big box of Knitter’s Pride circs had something else going for it, too. Alongside the usual needles were these pretty wooden shawl pins.

Like the Knitter’s Pride needles and hooks, these shawl pins are lightweight, sturdy, and inexpensive. A nice addition to our shawl pin collection, I think, and a fine way to keep a scarf, wrap, or buttonless cardigan closed. Take a look at them when next you’re seeking such a closure.

Shawl pins.

I spent a good bit of the afternoon last Thursday putting a new batch of shawl pins on display.

Like buttons, shawl pins are a small detail that make a big impact on your finished project. These particular shawl pins from Shaune Bazner are lightweight, to prevent stretching your knit or crochet shawl, and range from simple to ornate in a variety of colors. If you’re looking for that finishing touch for a recently completed shawl, consider these.