Show and tell: stripes.

“Show and tell” blog posts are some of my favorites to write, and I’ve been lucky to write lots of them lately. Whenever possible, I take photos of the finished projects that find their way back to the shop, after some talented soul turned them from mere yarn into expertly-handcrafted garment. As I look through the show-and-tell photos not yet published here on the blog, I search for themes. Do these glorious finished projects have a particular kind of yarn in common, or a type of garment, quality of color, motif, or technique? Today’s grouping: stripes.


Anne knit this “Barefoot Knits Twirly Skirt” for her eldest granddaughter using Schulana Sojabama, a silky soft blend of soy and bamboo. The pattern, once published in a magazine no longer in print, took a bit of Ravelry hunting to track down, but its designer offers it up here. Anne modified it just a bit, opting to knit in the round rather than in pieces, adding a fifth color, and using a picot bind off for extra flair.


I knit this “Flying Duchess” shawl as a shop sample using the decadent Sublime Cashmere Merino Silk DK in three shades. I’m used to starting shawls with just a few stitches, then increasing throughout, ending on the very longest rows. “Flying Duchess,” on the other hand, had me casting on over 350 stitches, then decreasing throughout, which gave me the pleasing sensation that I was picking up speed as the project progressed.DSCN5999It was a mighty long cast-on, though, and one that I ended up doing twice. The first time, I tried the cable cast-on, knit a few rows, then ripped, disliking the sloppy look. The second, much more successful time, I used two balls of yarn to do the long tail cast-on, a technique I highly recommend for casting on large numbers of stitches.


Catherine is still busy knitting “3 Color Cashmere Cowls” in Shibui Staccato, and came in the other day with three more to show us. It’s been fun to see how the character of this pattern changes in different colorways: some muted, others bold, some elegant, others playful.


Thanks to everyone who comes by the shop to start a project, solve a problem, share their progress, and show off their finished pieces. There’s plenty more show-and-tell where this came from; looking forward to sharing more soon!

Show and tell: summer shawls, part three.

Time for yet another round of summer shawl show and tell!


Judie knit this “Lionberry” shawl with Colinette Jitterbug, enlarging it a bit to make the most of her one skein.


You can read her detailed notes about this modification on her Ravelry project page, a generous gesture that I always appreciate when I’m scrolling through Ravelry seeking good information!


Petra brought in her “Seascape Stole” for show and tell a few weeks ago, knit in this icy blue shade of Sincere Sheep Cormo Fingering. A semi-solid hand-dyed yarn like this is a great choice for a lace pattern; it’s solid enough to show the lace clearly but varied enough to offer depth and color interest.


Nancy knit this “Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief” in Schulana Sojabama, a dk weight blend of bamboo and soy. This silky yarn is cool to the touch, with excellent drape, making this an ideal warm-weather accesory. It’s hanging on the wall here at the shop, so be sure to take a peek or try it on next time you’re here!


Margie has been working on a pair of “ZickZack” scarves, each knit with Schoppel-Wolle Zauberball and Cascade 220 Fingering.


This simple chevron pattern is made beautiful by Margie’s yarn and color selection. The Zauberball is self-striping, and the 220 Fingering is solid. When the two are striped against one another, two skinny rows at a time, the effect is dramatic.


As soon as she finished one, she cast on for the next, which will surely be completed by the time these photos are posted, knowing Margie.


Thanks to all who start their projects with a trip to the Hillsborough Yarn Shop, and to those who share their work along the way! Believe it or not, after three summer shawl posts in as many weeks, I still have lingering show-and-tell photos to share. Stay tuned!

Going-to-Market Sale spotlight: Schulana Sojabama.

From May 10th – June 5th, we have Colinette and Schulana yarns discounted during our Going-to-Market Sale: single skeins are 30% off, or 40% off when you buy 10 or more! Throughout the sale, I’ll be highlighting some of these yarns and giving ideas for what to make with them. Today: spotlight on Schulana Sojabama.


Schulana Sojabama is a dk weight blend of 55% bamboo and 45% soy, with 120 yards on each 50 gram ball. These smooth, silky plant fibers have maximum drape, making Sojabama perfect for lightweight scarves, shawls, and loose-fitting summer sweaters.


Looking through projects on Ravelry using Sojabama, I spotted a few “Summer Flies” shawls and the lovely lace “Gridwork” scarf. The natural drape of this yarn makes it ideal for the “Drop Stitch Scarf,” as well, or cast on extra stitches for a wider piece and make a drop stitch shawl.


For larger garments, consider Amy Herzog’s “Bryony,” Purl Soho’s “Silken Straw Summer Sweater,” or Shellie Anderson’s “Nova,” “Meridian,” and “Interval.” Sojabama is the right gauge for an “Easy Folded Poncho,” and would make a lovely summer version of that timeless pattern, perfect for covering up in chilly air-conditioned spaces.


Come by the shop to check out Schulana Sojabama and all our other discounted yarns during the Going-to-Market Sale!


A reminder: all sales are final on discounted items. There can be no returns or exchanges, nor special orders–the discount applies only to what we currently have in stock. Thanks! 

Going-to-Market Sale!

Our annual trip to market is coming up in early June, which means it’s time to make some room for new Fall and Winter yarns with a big sale. Come by the shop for our annual Going-to-Market Sale!


From May 10th – June 5th, all in stock Colinette and Schulana yarns will be deeply discounted, along with Fibre Company Savannah. Look for 30% discounts on single skeins and 40% discounts on 10 or more.


Between Colinette and Schulana, we have a wide range of gauges, fibers, and textures represented, from lace to bulky weight, from superwash wool to bamboo and soy, from solids to variegates. Going-to-Market Sale yarns include: Fibre Company Savannah, Colinette Banyan, Cadenza, and Jitterbug, Schulana Cashmerino, Cotton Silk, Insieme, Kid Seta, Lambswool, and Sojabama. We’re also tucking a few other yarns into our Sale Trunk, so be sure to check there while you’re shopping the Going-to-Market Sale!


These are beautiful yarns in all kinds of colors, suitable for many types of knitting, crochet, and weaving projects. Come by between May 10th and June 5th to take advantage of our Going-to-Market Sale, and do stop in early for best selections!


A reminder: all sales are final on discounted yarn. There can be no returns or exchanges, nor special orders–the discount applies only to what we currently have in stock. Thanks!