The holiday shopping season is upon us, and we’re always honored and appreciated to be considered a gift source. Some knitters make it plain, and send their loved ones directly to our website to order a HYS Gift Certificate. Others have mentioned our shop enough times that their family and friends know to look here for something special, but aren’t sure exactly what to get. Then there are those shopping for non-knitters, those who might appreciate something handcrafted. We are delighted to offer something for all of those gift-seekers, and others yet undescribed! Welcome to our new Gifts section.


We’ve sought out makers in our local community as well as our wider community of suppliers and assembled a collection of items we’re excited to share with you.


Here, you’ll find yarn bowls from Late Bloomer Pottery, shawl pins and closures from Jul Designs, sheep soaps from our Churton Street neighbor the Qi Garden, zipper clutches from Binkwaffle, and more that we’ve only just received. Come by this weekend to see it all!


Thank you for shopping local this holiday season and supporting small businesses like ours! See you at the shop.

Sheep soap.

Visitors to our shop often notice a certain recurring theme in our décor.


Yes, we love sheep, for they’re the charming creatures who provide our most beloved fiber: wool.


I can’t tell you how many times we’re asked if our sheep are for sale, and though we hate to disappoint, we can’t part with them; most were gifts given to us by fellow knitters, so they represent Anne’s personal collection.


We welcomed some new sheep to the shop this week, however, and these can go home with you, if you like. These sheep soaps were handmade by our Churton Street neighbor, Lucia Apollo Shaw, who owns a gift and garden shop called the Qi Garden.


They’re made of shea butter and scented with essential oils. Half of our flock smell of sweet grass, and the other, of white tea. You’ll find them nestled together in a big basket near the checkout desk, tucked away in their organza sachets.


Come by to pick up a sheep soap or two, and be sure to stop by Lucia’s shop next time you’re visiting us in Hillsborough!