New bags from Peeka Purl Designs.

We love sourcing products locally when we can, so we’re excited to announce a brand new kind of project bag made just down the road from our shop, in Chapel Hill, NC, by our own Marsha Krzyzewski!

Marsha has been teaching here at our shop for years, offering classes in beginning knitting, the basics of cables, lace, short rows, finishing, fixing mistakes, project-based classes on socks, sweaters, mittens, shawls, and scarves and so much more. With all of those knitting skills in her toolbox, she’s also made room for sewing, and these little totes bridge those two crafts: a sewn bag designed for yarn and knitting projects, under the name Peeka Purl Designs.

Shaped like a cube with an open top, these bags have a strap for easy carrying, and are lined with white fabric to make it easy to see what’s tucked inside.

They’re flexible enough to tuck into a larger bag but sturdy enough to stand up on their own, just the right size for a small project or a few balls of yarn.

Come by the shop to pick up a Peeka Purl bag for yourself or a friend!