Hello, addi Bamboo FlexiFlips.

Another new kind of needle has arrived here at the shop – meet addi’s brand new Bamboo FlexiFlips!

Addi FlexiFlips offer an alternative to double points or magic loop for small-circumference knitting. They come in tubes of three 8″ needles, and the basic strategy is to divide your total stitch count in half between two needles, then knit with the empty third needle.

For some knitters, it’s far more comfortable than other methods of working in the round on small circumferences for sock- or mitten-knitting. Come by the shop to try them for yourself! We keep a sample set out so you can try before you buy.

So much in knitting is a matter of preference – no one brand or shape or type of needle is inherently better than another, but most of us develop preferences as we knit, and we try to offer tools for everyone’s tastes. The Bamboo FlexiFlips will suit those who love wooden needles, which have a less slippery surface than metal. If you find addi’s metal needles too slick and want more control over your stitches, these needles are worth a try.

Skacel and Della Q have collaborated to produce a needle case designed especially for FlexiFlips – look for them near the FlexiFlips here at our shop!

New from Della Q.

Every year at TNNA, we restock needle and hook cases from Della Q.


Della Q’s cases remind us that every aspect of our craft can be as pleasing as it is functional, from the patterns to the fibers to the tools to how we store them. The Crochet Roll has a space for hooks of all sizes with labels that make it easy to find exactly the hook you’re looking for.


We also filled up on Double Point Needle Rolls, a similar storage tool. When it’s rolled up and tied, all your double points are snug and secure, and they wont take up much space in a tote with your projects and notions. We got a few of Della Q’s signature silk fabrics and a few of the new cotton prints.


We also ordered Notions Cases, a Della Q product we haven’t carried before. This compact little tri-fold case opens up to reveal all manner of pockets, some open and some zippered.



If your own collection of hooks, needles, and notions is in need of neat and pretty storage, come by the shop to take a closer look at these Della Q cases, along with our other organizational tools. See you there!

Needle cases from Della Q and Namaste.

We just got shipments from Della Q and Namaste full of colorful cases to help you make sense of your knitting needles. As knitters, our needle collections are ever-expanding and in need of some order, a need that these cases answer in style. A bonus: get your needles organized, and you’re far less likely to accidentally buy duplicates!


We have tri-fold circular needle cases and double-pointed circular cases in Della Q’s new natural color, among others.


For those with really huge circular needle collections, there’s The Que Grand Circular Needle Case, hand-crafted from lustrous silk.

DSCN3565Each pocket is labeled by US size and millimeter, making it easy to find exactly the needle you’re looking for.


For another take on circular needle cases, we turn to Namaste, whose needle storage takes an accordion-style shape.


While the Della Q cases come labeled, the Namaste circular needle cases have tabs you can label yourself. This can be handy if your needle collection leans more heavily on larger sizes than small, or vice versa. After all, if you don’t own US 17’s and don’t plan on ever acquiring them, you don’t need a space for them in your needle case.


Like Della Q, Namaste has also engineered a bigger case for bigger needle collections; meet the Namaste Double Wide, shown here with a matching Monroe bag. We’re down to just one of these already, though we’re happy to order one for you should it disappear from our shelves before you get to it.


These make great gifts for yourself or fellow knitters, so remember them when gift-giving occasions arise. Come by the shop to see all the new needle cases and other organizational tools from Della Q and Namaste!


For whatever reason, we’ve been flush with Lantern Moon shipments recently. Whether it’s a many-pocketed project bag or a splendidly shiny button, Lantern Moon seems to make all of the goodies that knitters and crocheters go for–save for yarn, of course. Our latest box from Lantern Moon brought the usual batch of Meadow Pouches, allowing us to boast all five colors in stock at the same time for the first time. Magenta, purple, blue, green, and orange: pick your favorite or succumb to the urge to collect all five.

On the more elegant side, we also replenished our selection of Lantern Moon knit-out boxes, which keep your yarn from rolling away as you work.

We got a few new goodies, too. These sheep stitch markers were all snatched up within 24 hours of their arrival in the shop! No worries, sheep collectors: we’re reordering soon.

Last but not least, we also got beautiful new circular needle cases, at the suggestion of a friend who brought her Lantern Moon circular case in to show us. Anne and I agreed that it was one of the better circular cases we’d seen and ordered some for the shop that day. Take a look, see what you think.

Alright, that’s enough temptation for one blog post. Over and out.