Back in stock: Schulana Lambswool.

Since we first got Schulana Lambswool back in March, it’s become a much-appreciated yarn here at the Hillsborough Yarn Shop. Lightweight, lofty, soft, marled, and tweedy, Lambswool is a yarn that is happy at a wide range of gauges.

We have it in the worsted weight section, because it makes a fine, drapey fabric at 5 stitches to the inch, but it suggests 5.5 sts/inch on the ball band, a DK gauge. I’ve used it successfully in place of a sport weight yarn in my Pomme de Pin cardigan, and Anne’s using it in place of a fingering weight yarn for her Stasis pullover.

The smaller the needle, the sturdier the fabric. When you’re planning a project with Schulana Lambswool, think about how dense or open you’d like the fabric to be and choose your needle size accordingly. Come by the shop to check out our recently-replenished supply of Schulana Lambswool, including one new color. See you at the shop!

An Isager shipment. Part 2.

Alpaca 2 wasn’t the only yarn in the latest Isager shipment. We also stocked up on Alpaca 1, a lace weight yarn made of 100% alpaca which is spun in Peru. We now have 20 colors available, the most we’ve carried so far.

We also expanded our selection of Isager Highland, a fingering weight yarn made of 100% lambswool and spun in Scotland. Highland and Alpaca 1 are used together in Marianne Isager’s Fan sweater from Japanese Inspired Knits, making a soft and lightweight fabric. Anne is teaching an upcoming class on the Fan, and though that class is full, we do keep the book in stock if you’d like to try it yourself. Or perhaps you’ll try using Highland and Alpaca 1 held together in some other project–it’s such fun pairing these colors up, and imagining what they’ll look like as one.

Come by the shop to admire these and other Isager yarns, and consider them for your next project. As Anne and many other knitters can attest, you’ll quickly become an Isager addict.

New yarns from Schulana.

Last week, I wrote about two of the most recent knit samples at the shop. If you’ve been in the shop in the past week or so, you may already have seen two more finished samples: hats made with new yarns from Schulana.

First up is a hat I made using Schulana Lambswool, a marled tweed yarn whose fiber content is reflected in its name. The yarn is incredibly soft and light, with 110 yards on each 25 gram ball.

We thought it’s rustic look and lofty nature made Lambswool an excellent substitute for Brooklyn Tweed’s Loft yarn, so we picked Gudrun Johnston’s hat pattern for Loft, Norby. I’m pleased with the result–so pleased, in fact, that I’ve already taken home a sweater’s worth of Lambswool. I can’t wait to figure out what I’m going to do with it!

While I knit up the Lambswool, Anne was working on a top-down baby hat using Schulana Tamarillo, a machine-washable cotton tape yarn with multicolor slubs that pop out from the knitted fabric.

This little hat is a great example of why we try to have samples and swatches of every yarn we carry. It’s not always easy to envision the finished fabric just by looking at the yarn in a ball. Some yarns, like Tamarillo, will surprise you when you knit them up. The pattern, Baby Boy (Or Girl) Sun Hat, is available as a free download from Ravelry.

Finally, our third new Schulana yarn for spring is Macaibo, a self-striping cotton/viscose blend, knit sample forthcoming. Enjoy perusing these new yarns next time you’re at the shop!