Have you heard of the knook? A knook is a crochet hook with a large eye at one end, like a tapestry needle. It’s a fusion of knitting and crochet, a hook for making knitted fabric.


We now have Addi Knooks at the shop, which come in sets of two: 4 mm and 6 mm. The knook is a great tool for crocheters who like the look of knitted fabric, but are hesitant to pick up knitting needles. No one needs to fear knitting needles, of course–there is nothing about knitting that is harder or more complicated than crochet! But if the trick of making knitting fabric with just one hook appeals to you, come by the shop and consider the knook.


We’ve gotten in a couple of books to get you started, too.


Come by the shop to plan your next knitting, crochet, or knooking project! See you there.