The holiday shopping season is upon us, and we’re always honored and appreciated to be considered a gift source. Some knitters make it plain, and send their loved ones directly to our website to order a HYS Gift Certificate. Others have mentioned our shop enough times that their family and friends know to look here for something special, but aren’t sure exactly what to get. Then there are those shopping for non-knitters, those who might appreciate something handcrafted. We are delighted to offer something for all of those gift-seekers, and others yet undescribed! Welcome to our new Gifts section.


We’ve sought out makers in our local community as well as our wider community of suppliers and assembled a collection of items we’re excited to share with you.


Here, you’ll find yarn bowls from Late Bloomer Pottery, shawl pins and closures from Jul Designs, sheep soaps from our Churton Street neighbor the Qi Garden, zipper clutches from Binkwaffle, and more that we’ve only just received. Come by this weekend to see it all!


Thank you for shopping local this holiday season and supporting small businesses like ours! See you at the shop.

Hello, Jul Forager bags.

Every year, we go to market hoping to find something that surprises us, something we didn’t know we were looking for. We didn’t go to market looking for elegant leather bags, handmade in the USA, but once we saw them, we knew we had to have them at the shop. Say hello to these Forager bags, from Jul Designs!


We have Forager bags in two sizes. The Forager Market Bag is a generous 18″ wide x 14″ tall x 5″ deep, a simple, streamlined tote made of lightweight leather. It’s big enough to carry a large project, along with your notions, a pattern book or two, and other necessities.


They are unlined, save for a cream-colored lining at the bottom, making it easy to spot what you’re looking for as you shuffle through the contents of your bag. We also asked that Laura, designer and owner of Jul Designs, include little metal feet on the bottom, to protect the bag when it’s set on the floor.


The Sweety Forager Bag is a smaller version of the same style, at 13.5″ wide x 9.5″ tall x 4″ deep. It’s big enough to function as a small purse, but would make an equally lovely project bag, with room enough for the essentials.


We fell hard for these bags! Anne picked a Forager Market Bag for herself in black, Rosi went with red, and I wound up with one in brown.



Check out our selection of Jul Forager bags next time you’re at the shop! We hope you love them as much as we do.

New from Jul.

We were delighted to unpack a shipment of shawl pins and closures from Jul this week.


Shawl pins are temporary closures designed to keep a shawl or scarf in place, or close a buttonless cardigan. We have several styles in stock to suit a variety of knit or crocheted garments.


We also replenished our supply of French Curves, unique closures that screw into knitted fabric at two points, and can then be fastened or unfastened by twisting the leather.


Come by the shop to see them in action on our sample “Range Wrap.” See you there!