Stitches, by Helga Isager.

Helga Isager’s new book is here! Let’s look inside Stitches.

Stitches is primarily a collection of garments, with a few accessories sprinkled in. Her focus in this book is on embroidery and embellishment, pointing out that both knitting needles and sewing needles make stitches.

As in her most recent book, K (Knit), Isager includes a full-size photo of the swatch for each project, so you can see in detail what it should look like as it grows, and even measure it against the photo.

Look for the book on our teacart, and find Isager yarns in the lace, fingering, and DK weight sections here at the shop!

Splendid Apparel.

Designer Anna Zilboorg’s latest book is here! Meet Splendid Apparel: a Handbook of Embroidered Knits.


Zilboorg is local enough to visit our shop a few times a year, and even led a workshop here back in 2011. She taught what must have been the beginnings of this book: a bit of embroidery, and a bit of her signature almost-seamless panel sweater construction.


Splendid Apparel is an exhaustive resource on those subjects, showing how to embellish knit fabric of all kinds, from ribbing and lace to twisted stitches and cables. Zilboorg thoughtfully includes embroidery instructions for both right- and left-handed people.


The sweaters are intricate, colorful, and richly textured.


Zilboorg makes good use of HYS yarns like String Theory Merino DK, Berroco Ultra Alpaca and Ultra Alpaca Light.



Check out Splendid Apparel next time you’re in the shop, and while you’re at it, take a look at Zilboorg’s other books: Knitting for Anarchists and Magnificent Mittens & Socks.


See you at the shop!