Darning eggs.

I’ve written before about caring for my hand-knit socks, which includes washing a big bunch of them weekly by hand. So much time and care goes into each pair of socks, and they tend to see the most wear and tear of my handmade wardrobe, so when it comes to washing them, I try to treat them gently. I was crestfallen when I found a hole in one of my socks some months ago, til I remembered that I could sew them up rather than toss them out. After all, hand-knit socks are worth saving! On that note: I’m pleased to report that we now carry darning eggs.


These handsome wooden darning eggs are just the tool you’ll need for mending worn socks. They’re made to slip inside a sock and help hold the fabric still while you stitch up any holes, or reenforce thin spots. To see one in action and learn all about mending socks, read Kate Gilbert’s article in Twist Collective on the subject. Come by the shop to pick up a darning egg for yourself, or a sock-knitting friend!