We are serious about keeping all kinds of needles, hooks, tools, and other notions in stock here at the Hillsborough Yarn Shop. We like providing options for different kinds of stitch markers, cable needles, row counters and the like, because we know from experience that having the right tool for the task at hand can make a huge difference. Which tool is right can vary by task or by preference, so we’re always on the lookout for helpful new gadgets. As we were placing our near-monthly needle and notion order last week, we noticed a gap in our selection. Anyone who works with yarn needs to cut that yarn occasionally, whether they’re binding off, changing colors, or taking a deep breath and cutting a steek, yet there are very few scissors on our shelves.

We’re hoping to correct that with these black matte scissors from Bryspun. We chose them because they’re small and sharp for precision, and because they come in six pleasing styles.

Each pair comes with its own grey leather sheath for safe keeping, so you can toss it in your notions bag without fear of pointy scissors poking through the fabric.

Look for Bryspun scissors in our notions section, where you’ll find all manner of point protectors, darning needles, bobbins, stitch holders, and other essential tools of the trade. See you there!