Pom Pom Quarterly: Spring 2019.

The Spring 2019 issue of Pom Pom Quarterly has arrived here at the shop!

The theme of this issue is Botanicals, one expressed in crocheted garments, knitwear, and in writing.


Columnist Anna Maltz shares thoughts on plant-based fibers like cotton and linen, the likes of which are put to use in some of this issue’s patterns.

Pom Pom has always been an interdisciplinary magazine, featuring recipes and a variety of crafty tutorials alongside their knitting patterns, but this issue in particular features more crochet than usual.

This exquisite crocheted top is made with Kelbourne Woolens Mojave, a sport weight blend of cotton and linen.

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We’re excited to announce that Anna Maltz’s new book has arrived! Let’s take a peek at Marlisle.

Marlisle is a new knitting technique developed by Anna Maltz, a combination of marled knitting, where two different colors of yarn are held together, and fair isle, a more traditional form of colorwork, sometimes called stranded knitting.

Maltz, a knitwear designer and a columnist at Pom Pom Quarterly, shares tips and strategies for making use of this technique, along with an exciting bundle of patterns for accessories and garments.

We’ve learned from Shibui and Isager patterns, among others, that amazing things can happen when you combine two different colors of yarn. Results vary dramatically whether you’re pairing colors with low contrast or high contrast, not to mention everywhere in between – add a bit of stranding to isolate one of those shades and a whole new realm of color and texture possibilities open up.

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