The Noro corner.

In the second room of the shop, one corner is devoted almost entirely to our rather extensive collection of Noro yarns. Kureyon, Silk Garden, Iro, Yuzen, Maiko, Taiyo, Kochoran… the list goes on. From fingering weight up through bulky, with fibers from wool and angora to cotton and silk, there are many kinds of Noro yarns in that corner. Regular customers may remember the Noro corner as a tempting array of baskets arranged prettily on an antique ladder. As the shop grew, so did the Noro collection, at such a rate that it outgrew its pretty display. Recently, the Noro corner had become a precarious, overwhelming display that seemed about to topple. Those days are gone. It was a big week for big changes at the Hillsborough Yarn Shop, first the cotton tree and now the new, improved Noro corner. Now, for the essential, incredible before-and-after.


And after:

Everything that was crammed into that corner is still there–not only all the Noro, but also all the pattern booklets that go with the Noro yarns, the Lantern Moon and Hiya Hiya exchangeable circular needle sets, the Great Adirondack roving, the silk yarn-out boxes, and a handful of Ella Rae yarns. The same large quantity of things in the same small space, but neater, easier to look at, and with more space to walk.

We can hardly believe what an improvement this is. Come to the shop and see the difference!


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