Our new ballwinder.

Yarns that come in twisted hanks need to be wound into a ball before use, a task that some knitters find pleasure in, but others consider a chore. We have a swift and ballwinder here at the shop to make quick work of that task, and we’re happy to do it for you. For years, our heavy duty ballwinder from Nancy’s Knit Knacks has served us well, smoothly winding miles of yarn into neat little cakes that can be pulled from the inside or outside end.


It was starting to slow down a couple of weeks ago, so we sent it in to be refurbished and asked for a big upgrade: a power base. Our ballwinder is now motorized, rather than hand-cranked, which requires much less of our attention.


For a long time, we’ve had a no-winding-on-Saturday policy, taking the swift and ballwinder down for our busiest day of the week. It was hard to be tied to the ballwinder when phones and questions needed answering, yarn needed fetching from the inventory room, and a line was forming at checkout. Our new motorized ballwinder makes it easier for us to multitask, which means we’re now happy to wind yarn purchased at our shop anytime, even on Saturdays! Come by the shop to plan your next project, and leave with your yarn ready to use right away. See you there!


  1. That’s great. Yes, adding our motorized Power Base to the Heavy Duty Ball Winder is a real game changer. Shop owners always tell us that they should have done it years ago! If your business depends on efficiency and smiles on both the faces of your employees and your customers, then investing in this type of equipment is a necessity. Just today, I refurbed 2 systems that were shipped 7 years ago. Although we have made many improvements since then, when those 2 units left my shop, they were better than new in 2008 – much better. So always get the best equipment you can afford and get it from a company that will stand behind it! FYI – Once you go electric, you will never go back to winding by hand!

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