HYS Color Club: Spring!

The HYS Color Club continues, and we’re opening it up for Spring signups!

HYS Color Club is a subscription of thoughtfully curated accessory projects for knitters who like surprises and love working with color! We’ll pair yarns and patterns to keep you entertained all year long, creating custom colorways for each project. Each season includes two projects (one smaller, one larger), and a few other surprises along the way.

HYS Color Club, January: Brooklyn Tweed Peerie + Emily Greene’s “Dipyramitts” + color wheel.

Patterns: Expect accessory patterns from a variety of designers, a mix of mitts, shawls, hats and scarves. Each project will use at least two colors – think stripes, marls, fair isle, mosaic, and more!

Fiber: We love working with wool, so there’ll be plenty of it, and all kinds – sometimes superwash, sometimes hand-wash only, sometimes blended with other fibers, like cashmere, alpaca, or silk.

HYS Color Club, February: Malabrigo Rios + Andrea Mowry’s “Inclinations Shawl” + Eucalan.

Gauge: The yarns will vary in gauge, from lace weight up to worsted.

Color: Choose from four color palettes – warm, cool, neutral, or surprise; select a second palette if you’d like a bit more variety throughout the season.

Price, terms and timing: 

Cost for HYS Color Club: Spring, local pickup option: $160

Cost for HYS Color Club: Spring, USPS shipping option: $185

Prepay for the first season by Saturday, March 19th, and expect an email in April letting you know that your HYS Color Club order is ready for pickup or shipping. All HYS Color Club sales are final, no returns or exchanges; discounts do not apply.

  • Spring: 1 smaller project in April, 1 larger project in May
  • Summer: 1 smaller project in July, 1 larger project in August
  • Autumn: 1 smaller project in October, 1 larger project in November

Sign up for HYS Color Club: Spring using our online order form, answering the following questions:

  • Choose one or two color palettes: warm, cool, neutral, or surprise
  • Ravelry username:

We can’t wait to share what we’ve been cooking up for the HYS Color Club, but each project is a surprise… sign up for Spring by March 19th to join the club!

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