Fibre Company Yarn Tasting.

This morning we hosted a delightful Fibre Company yarn tasting. A roomful of knitters arrived with their bags full of needles, ready to sample all that the Fibre Company has to offer.


Everyone got their own little pouch of yarn samples, and a stitch sampler pattern with guidance on needle size and stitch count for each yarn.


In between sips of mimosas and bites of bagels, attendees knit swatches of all the Fibre Company yarns, sharing pattern ideas as they stitched. Though at the moment we stock just five of the eleven available Fibre Company yarns, we invited our yarn tasting participants to order anything and everything they liked.


Garments from the Knightsbridge Collection were passed around and admired, inspiring many new projects; I am so looking forward to seeing them emerge, stitch by stitch!


A yarn tasting is a special opportunity to try out yarn before deciding to buy it, see how it feels on your needles and in your hands. It’s always a fun, friendly event, and because of that, they tend to fill quickly. If you’d like a heads-up when the next one is scheduled, let us know!

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