Fibre Company Yarn Tasting.

On Sunday, we hosted a yarn tasting featuring four yarns from the Fibre Company.


It was the last day of the Fibre Company Trunk Show, and as the yarn tasting attendees filed in, the 8 shawls and scarves that make up the Allium Collection came down from their hangers to be petted, admired, and tried on. I also passed around my not-quite-complete Crow’s Nest Cardigan in Canopy Worsted to give a sense of the yarn’s drape and stitch definition.


In between sips of mimosas and bites of bagels, these knitters and crocheters worked up swatches in Meadow, Savannah, Acadia, and Canopy Worsted, sharing pattern ideas as they stitched. We have a binder at the shop full of patterns from the Fibre Company, and I collected a list of independently-designed patterns that use these yarns as well:

They’re all available as Ravelry In-Store Pattern Sales, which means you can buy them from us at the shop, where we’ll print a copy for you and make sure that a digital copy is also saved in your email or Ravelry pattern library.



We pulled out our Fibre Company color-cards so everyone could see any colors that we didn’t have in stock–for example, many of the available shades in Meadow, which has been popular enough to merit two reorders in the two weeks since it first arrived at the shop. When I left the shop on Sunday, we were down to just 9 skeins. (Don’t worry–there’s more coming!)


It was a delightful morning, spent chatting and laughing with a great group of people, enjoying each other’s company as much as the yarns. After such a positive yarn tasting event, it’s safe to say that we at HYS are big fans of the Fibre Company. Come by the shop to see all our Fibre Company yarns and consider them for your next project, and stay tuned for more yarn tastings in the future!


  1. Catherine on said:

    That was an awesome Sunday morning. Lots of old and new friends sharing our love for high quality yarns. Cannot wait for the next one. In the meantime, I’m playing with the new additions to my stash.

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