Shibui Sample of the Month: Nova colorways.

Our October Shibui Sample of the Month is on display at the shop til October 30th, and we’re offering the Shibui yarns for this project at 10% off throughout the month!


This particular “Nova” is knit with two different yarns held together, dk weight Dune and  lace weight Cima, each in the color “Cove.” “Cove” looks a bit different in Dune than it does in Cima, due to the difference in fiber content and texture, but they blend together seamlessly to create a nearly-solid fabric.


One of the most exciting things about mixing yarns like this is the possibility for blending different colors. Suppose instead of matching “Cove” with “Cove,” you selected a color just a shade lighter, like “Fjord,” or paired it with “Suit” to emphasize the blue?


Blending colors this way opens a world of possibilities, especially with 20+ shades of Cima on our shelves. Here are a few other ideas.


Dune in “Field,” paired with Cima in “Field” (above) or “Grounds” (below).


Dune in “Abyss,” paired with Cima in “Abyss” (above) or “Tar” (below).




Dune in “Pollen,” paired with Cima in “Pollen” (above) or “Brownstone” (below).


Come by the shop to create your own “Nova” color combination, and get the Shibui yarns for this project at 10% off during October!

Just a reminder–all sales are final on discounted items; there can be no exchanges, returns, or special orders. Thanks!

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