Flower Child.

Sometimes knitters come into the shop with something in mind. They have a pattern, they need some yarn. They have some yarn, they need a pattern. They have a problem, they need some help. They have an idea, they need some encouragement. Other times, though, knitters and crocheters make their way to the shop with nothing particular in mind, looking to be inspired. That’s why we have samples lining every square inch of wall that isn’t already occupied by yarn, books, needles, or hooks. “Flower Child,” designed by Norah Gaughan, is one of our samples that has caught the eye of many a knitter in search of inspiration. 
Just right for spring and summer, this top is knit in Berroco Pure Pima. Pure Pima is a dk weight cotton yarn that comes in many hues, from the subdued to the crayon-bright.
It’s the unusual construction that draws knitters to this sweater, a common trait among Norah Gaughan’s designs. This one comes from her Berroco collection, Volume 4, which we just got back in stock.
Because the pattern has been out for some time, many Ravelers have already completed and posted pictures of this sweater, likely offering many helpful hints. Long sleeves have been a common modification to the pattern. Take a look at what’s there, and come by the shop when you’re seeking inspiration!

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