Amimono 3 Trunk Show.

One of the most amazing things about being at TNNA in June was seeing all the sample garments that each yarn company and designer displayed in their booths. Pictures in pattern books can be beautiful and inspiring, but to touch a finished piece, to see the color in person, to try it on and get a sense of how the shape and size feels and looks on your own body is always better. With this in mind, Anne has scheduled some Trunk Shows for the fall, the first of which arrived today.

This Trunk Show features five garments from Helga Isager’s Amimono 3, a collection of sweaters and accessories made in Isager yarns. Our Isager distributors have lent us these five garments until October 1st, so if you want to see these pieces in person (and you should!), plan to visit the shop before the end of the month.

As soon as the Trunk Show arrived at the shop yesterday, I tried on these sweaters to see how they felt and fit, and it was an experience I highly recommend. For me, it changed my position on these designs from “admiring” to “coveting.”

Anne spent her time with these sweaters inspecting the seams and wondering aloud what finishing techniques were used–another good reason to see finished garments in person. The sweater below is named “Lemon,” and it’s one that Anne is currently making for herself in Isager Tvinni, so to encounter a finished “Lemon” was something special, indeed.

The yarns soften so much with knitting, washing, and wearing, and it shows in these samples. The garments are lightweight, yet sturdy; a winning combination.

Come by the shop to see them for yourself, and if you find you must make one, we’ll help you select the materials you need to do so. See you at the shop!


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  4. Andrea Miller on said:

    Greetings, would you still have the Amimono Knit Collection 2010 pattern leaflet with Camomile available for sale? I would love to know either way and thank you very much!

    • Indeed, we do have copies of Amimono 2010 in stock. Give us a call at (919) 732-2128 if you’d like to place an order–we’re happy to ship anywhere in the US!

  5. Virginia Hamilton on said:

    OK, I know this is more than two years later than your last comment but do you still have any copies of the Amimono Knit Collection 2010 publication? I would like to purchase.

    Virginia Hamilton

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