I spent much of this new year’s eve weekend with a burgeoning pair of socks, made with Malabrigo’s newest yarn, Arroyo. I turned the heel on the first sock, then cast on for the second while watching a movie on new year’s eve. On new year’s day, the socks came with me to a friend’s house, where we talked and laughed and drank tea. This morning as I sipped my coffee, knitted my socks, and listened to a podcast, I had an impulse to photograph the scene, and thought to myself: oh, man. What a blogger thing to do.

It’s been almost a year since I started this Hillsborough Yarn Shop blog, and since then I’ve grown accustomed to that impulse to photograph anything yarn-related, and have often given into it. When people come in showing off amazing work, or Phyllis looks particularly wonderful in a shop sample, or we move some furniture around, I pull out my little camera. When we amass great piles of hats or great piles of yarn, the camera comes out. After a year of moments like these, it seems to make perfect sense to photograph my morning coffee, so long as a sock-in-progress is near. I’m having such fun with the blog, and the beginning of a new year is as good a time as any to thank you all for reading, and for commenting, and for coming into the shop and saying, “You must be Julia, from the blog!” I’m looking forward to another year of documenting the goings-on at the shop. Happy new year, everyone!


  1. Anonymous on said:

    >That is a beautiful shot! Just like the lovely person you took the photograph! I have so enjoyed your blog, and as I have said before, "It is the best blog I have seen!" You make me want to blog, but I need help! Do you just give knitting help?

    I look so forward to reading for many years to come!


  2. >Thanks for sharing this photo. I think it may be the first project photo I've seen using the Arroyo yarn and it is making me want to stop in to the shop soon and get some for myself!

  3. >Thank YOU, Julia! Your blog has turned me on to so many fantastic books and new yarns and, as a result, I really feel like I have grown as a knitter. The blog has such a wonderful combination of insight, enthusiasm and encouragement. What's not to love??

    Keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing you (and your fabulous creations) in 2012!

  4. Nanatucket knitter on said:

    >Julia, congratulations on your one year blog! It is so much fun
    checking out what's new and reading your blog every couple of
    days and you have done such a great job. Continued success
    in 2012!

    Jeannie Sullivan

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