The pattern binders.

They’re not flashy, the pattern binders. They’re heavy, filled nearly to bursting, and are tucked away at the bottom of a shelf by the window where you may never notice them unless you’re looking for them.

The binders are stuffed with single patterns, which are perfect for those seeking an inexpensive alternative to a book filled with patterns. Suppose you want to knit a baby sweater, but you’re not looking to knit ten baby sweaters, or a book’s worth of baby hats and blankets. While a book of baby patterns might overwhelm you, a single pattern may be right up your alley. This same logic may be applied to any number of knitting or crochet scenarios, which is why the binders are brimming with patterns and the shelves are brimming with binders. Don’t see what you’re looking for on the shelf? Ahem: check on the floor.
Last week, I put out so many new single patterns that we were forced to add a new binder to our collection. What was formerly one binder, labeled “Shawls and Scarves,” is now two: “Lace-weight Shawls and Scarves” and “Scarves, Wraps, and Shawls,” whose patterns make use of thicker yarns, from sport weight up through bulky. There are plenty of new patterns in just about every other category, as well: hats, gloves, blankets, vests, and sweaters for men, women, and children. Some are beginner-level and some are advanced, and the rest are somewhere in between. Give the binders a try next time you’re in the shop–there are many wonderful patterns hiding there.

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