Back in stock: Late Bloomer Pottery.

Happy to report that our shelves are once again full of yarn bowls and ceramic buttons from Late Bloomer Pottery!


Frumet is a local potter who makes beautiful functional pieces here in the Triangle. Her yarn bowls are a little different each time, varying the color, texture, and shape of the cut-outs.


Yarn bowls are designed to hold your ball of yarn as you’re knitting or crocheting from it, keeping it from rolling around on the floor or getting tangled with notions in your bag. Just place the ball in the bowl and thread your working yarn through the spiral cut-out in the side.


We also replenished our supply of Frumet’s smaller buttons, which come in sets of two and three.


Come by the shop to see what’s new from Late Bloomer Pottery, and check out our other locally-sourced goods while you’re here!



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