Tools of the trade.

If you’ve been to our shop, you may already be familiar with the range of knitting needles and crochet hooks we stock. Addi Turbo and Lace circulars for those who prefer slick, quick, metal knitting needles, and Crystal Palace circulars, straights, and double points for those who prefer the smooth, slightly clingy quality of bamboo. Hooks of both persuasions, as well. Lantern Moon circulars, straights, double points, and crochet hooks for treating yourself to the absolute finest in hardwood tools: rosewood, blondewood, and ebony. And then we have interchangeable circular needle sets, for when you’re tired of buying a new needle with each new project.

Can you spot the Addi Click interchangeable needle sets, peeking out there above the perpetual calendar of knitting stitches? This wooden box is where we’ve hidden our interchangeable circular sets, above the Noro yarns. Not only do we have Addi Lace Click and Addi Turbo Click interchangeable sets, we also carry sets by Hiya Hiya, KA, and Lantern Moon. These sets vary in material and price, but the concept is the same: a range of needle points and a range of cord lengths, which can be attached to one another in whatever combination you need at the moment. That way, you don’t have to buy a 16″ #6 as well as a 24″ #6, you can just change out the 16″ cord for the 24″ cord when you need a longer one. A larger investment up front, but a sound economic decision for the avid knitter. As of this week, we now also carry the Addi Click Hook set.

These hooks are made to fit into the Addi Click cords, making it possible to create a hybrid tool, with a hook on one end and a needle on the other. When might you need such a beast? Consider picking up stitches: much easier with a hook, but they need to end up on a needle. Enter the circular hook/needle: problem solved. Skacel, the makers of Addi, also suggest that this tool might be useful for working Tunisian crochet, binding off stitches quickly, or creating new stitches at the end of a row, with a needle on the other end. Fascinating, no?

Also new to the shop: ergonomic crochet hooks, also by Addi.

Designed to be held, in sharp contrast to the narrow, straight-handled crochet hooks we’re used to seeing. We received a sample of this hook from Skacel, to try out and see if we liked it. Anne tried it out, and asked other crocheters to do the same, and the consensus was clear: this is a better hook. Interested? We keep ours on the desk, tucked in with all the other tools of our trade, and you’re welcome to give it a try.

See you at the shop!

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