New Late Bloomer yarn bowls.

Our friend Frumet stopped by this week with a brand new batch of ceramic yarn bowls. Frumet is a local potter who makes beautiful functional pieces here in the Triangle, and we’ve carried her buttons and yarn bowls for a few years now.

Yarn bowls are designed to hold your ball of yarn as you’re knitting or crocheting from it, keeping it from rolling around on the floor or getting tangled with notions in your bag. Just place the ball in the bowl and thread your working yarn through the spiral cut-out in the side.

Every one of Frumet’s yarn bowls is unique, and we’ve enjoyed seeing a variety of colors and textures over the years. She creates this stamped effect by burning a pattern into a sponge, and using that to apply glaze.

A beautiful yarn bowl makes an exquisite gift for a knitter or crocheter, something to keep in mind with graduations, Father’s and Mother’s Days approaching. Whether it’s a gift for you or someone else, come by soon to snag one of these special bowls; we have just four in stock, though Frumet will be cooking up more in her kiln soon. See you at the shop!

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