The Knitter’s Life List.

Here is a rare case, indeed: not only can this new book be found in our shop, but our shop can also be found in this new book.

The Knitter’s Life List, by Gwen Steege, is a compendium of knitting inspirations. Steege offers an introduction to practically every facet of knitting culture: tools, fiber, techniques, reference books, and particular people and places, each one placed in the greater context of the knitting world at large. If that sounds like a lot of information at once, that’s because it is. It’s not the sort of book you sit down and read from cover to cover, though. The Knitter’s Life List would be best enjoyed, I think, by perusing at random, allowing yourself to be pleasantly surprised by the many directions it may point you in. One such direction is toward your local yarn shop, as Steege suggests in the “Explore your LYS” section of this book. She profiles two yarn shops, one on the east coast and one on the west, telling the stories of the owners and the unique communities they’ve created among their knitters. And who is profiled? Why, it’s your local yarn shop, that is, the Hillsborough Yarn Shop. We could not be more proud and delighted to be included in this book! Come by to pick up your very own copy and see where it takes you.


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