The Book of Haps.

Kate Davies’ newest book came out a couple of months ago, and though we had it in stock, it sold out quickly and never made it to the blog. With new copies on the teacart, I’m here to right that. Here’s The Book of Haps.


As Davies defines it, “hap” is a Scottish dialect word for a simple shawl or wrap. The emphasis is on functionality and everyday wear, though of course these garments can also be quite pleasing to the eye.

DSCN5939As is her wont, Davies begins with with the history of these practical shawls and the people that made and make them. It’s only then, informed by this cultural context, that our own hap knitting begins.


The patterns in this collection are not all Davies’ own; designers Bristol Ivy, Martina Behm, Carol Feller, Romi Hill, Gudrun Johnston, and Veera Välimäki have all contributed hap variations, among many talented others.

DSCN5941 DSCN5940DSCN5944DSCN5943

Look for The Book of Haps here at the shop, along with the rest of Davies’ ouvre. See you there!



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