New books from Brooklyn Tweed.

We are so excited to announce that we now carry books from Brooklyn Tweed! We have their first two books in stock: Capsule, by Olga Buraya-Kefelian, and Woolens, by Jared Flood.


I’ve been following Brooklyn Tweed since it was but a blog, admiring many of the patterns Jared Flood and his design team have put out over the years, and knitting as many as my overflowing to-knit list allows.



Brooklyn Tweed designs have always been something I found online, and thus I’ve experienced them primarily as digital photos and pdfs. It is quite different to see these patterns nicely printed and bound, and as a lover of paper and books as well as yarn and knitwear, I am smitten with these, and particularly with Woolens.



Woolens is a collection of accessories designed and photographed by Jared Flood, covering a range of techniques including brioche, colorwork, cables, and other texture patterns.



Most designs are unisex, and many are shown in alternate colorways or sizes to give a sense of the options for different looks. Though those options and modifications are always present and possible when we make things ourselves, it really helps to see a few of them before we embark on our own version of a pattern – think of how much time we spend on Ravelry, scrolling through projects.



Our friend and teacher Marsha fell in love with Woolens, too, and is teaching the “Byway” scarf/wrap here at the shop, beginning in January. Look for it on our “Classes” page, where you can read a full description and sign up to attend, if you like.

Though we don’t carry Brooklyn Tweed yarns, we have lots of great substitutes in a range of gauges to suit these designs. As ever, clever yarn substitution depends on considerations of gauge and beyond; fiber content and characteristics along with personal preferences and expectations all color the decision of what yarn goes with which project. We are always happy to talk these choices through with you when you’re shopping for yarn here, so don’t hesitate to ask!

Look for Brooklyn Tweed books on our teacart by the ball-winder, among the latest knitting publications. See you there!



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