Malabrigo Book 5.

We keep many Malabrigo yarns in stock at the Hillsborough Yarn Shop, offering a range of weights from Lace to Mecha. They’re well-loved yarns, known for their soft hand, beautiful hand-dyed colorways, and good value. We’re always delighted to see new patterns that make good use of them, like this collection, Malabrigo Book 5: In Soho.


Inside, you’ll find all manner of interesting accessory projects for Malabrigo yarns–shawls in Finito, scarves and wraps in Rios, cowls in Arroyo, and more.





There are also a couple of great patterns for Mecha, which is Malabrigo’s newest yarn, a single ply superwash merino in a bulky weight.



Look for Malabrigo Book 5 on the teacart with the latest books and magazines!

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