Knitting Ganseys.

Beth Brown-Reinsel’s classic Knitting Ganseys has been revised and updated, and we’re happy to have it on our shelves!

Originally published 25 years ago, Knitting Ganseys is a book of knitting history as well as knitting patterns. Ganseys were traditionally worn by Scottish and British fisherman during the 19th century, designed to be hard-wearing and comfortable, but decorated with intricate texture patterns.

In the book, Beth Brown-Reinsel shares some of the history of this classic garment, then explains how to knit a traditional gansey on a smaller scale for practice. She covers all the techniques required, from cast-ons and stitch patterns to fit and finish.

If designing a gansey from scratch isn’t your aim, Brown-Reinsel also includes patterns for traditional ganseys and more modern gansey-inspired fare, as well.

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