Granny Square Flowers.

We recently placed a big book order, filling in holes on our shelves where favorite books should be. Restocking old books isn’t nearly as exciting as ordering new ones, though, so we tend to get at least one new publication with every order. This time, it was a crochet book that caught our eye: Granny Square Flowers.



Granny Square Flowers is a collection of 50 botanical crochet motifs, along with essential granny square techniques and projects that make use of them.




Charts as well as written instructions are given for each granny square, and the construction, gauge, and seaming techniques are paired with clear photos and descriptions.


Come by the shop to take a look! See you there.


  1. Emily W on said:

    I just found my mother’s Christmas present:) Would it be possible to put one of these on hold for me? I’ll come pick it up on Friday!

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