Hello, Plystre Project Pouch.

Some months ago, Anne and I spotted a particularly appealing knitting bag on Instagram, where so many projects, yarns, and tools capture our imagination daily. I made a mental note. Soon after, a knitter came in carrying one of these bags, extolling its virtues and asking if we’d ever checked them out. The mental note became a post-it note, the kind that dot our desk at the shop, reminding us what needs to be done each day. The brand is Plystre, and we’re tickled to report that the Project Pouch is now on our shelves!

Plystre is a small company based in Oslo, Norway, that focuses on creating effortless, functional bags for knitters.

They make a variety of styles and sizes, but the Project Pouch caught our eye because it so well complements the other bags we carry. Though we have small zipper pouches for notions, Baby Baggu reusable totes for projects, and Baggu Canvas Zip Totes for carrying it all, we were missing a zippered project bag outfitted with pockets – the Plystre Project Pouch fills that gap, and beautifully.

They’re made from sturdy 100% cotton canvas, lined with the same, and close up securely with a zipper. The wrist strap is made of leather, sure to age beautifully and soften with use. Inside is where all the excitement is – a variety of pockets line the interior of the Project Pouch, perfect for storing notions, needles, your phone, and other essentials along with the project at hand. One of the larger pockets has eyelets you can thread your yarn through to prevent tangling.

Though it looks compact, it’s big enough to accommodate a sweater – here’s mine with the body and sleeves of my “Kirigami”-in-progress, tucked in with some of my favorite notions.

Look for Plystre Project Pouches here at the Hillsborough Yarn Shop, along with other thoughtfully selected bags, notions, and materials!


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