Binkwaffle season.

The past month or so has brought at least three shipments of Binkwaffle bags our way. These reversible, dumpling-shaped project bags are always in demand, but especially during the holidays, when they become part of so many gifts.

These Alpaca print Binkwaffles have been a favorite since they first showed up in July; we do love our fiber animals around here.

Hedgehogs and Bloom are the newest fabrics from Holly at Binkwaffle. The material on these is slightly heavier than Binkwaffle bags we’ve had before, an upgrade for those who like a sturdy, go-anywhere tote for their projects.

Browse our full selection of project bags here at the shop!

Please note that we’ll be closing on Sunday, December 24th and Sunday, December 31st, but are otherwise open at our usual business hours. Happy holidays!

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