Back in stock: Binkwaffle bags.

Our supply of Binkwaffle bags had dwindled to just one lonesome bag when we got a package from Holly at Binkwaffle and breathed a sigh of relief.


We’re so happy to have these back on our shelves!


This order brought a a mix of small and large reversible bags, each one a unique combination of fabrics.



The small bags are a good size for a pair of socks or mitts, a hat or scarf, perhaps. The large bags are big enough to house a generous shawl or even a sweater.


Binkwaffle bags are being snapped up as quickly as ever, so come by the shop soon to snag one of your own! See you there.


  1. Becky on said:

    I love these bags! You have three less after my visit today. Always a pleasure to visit with Anne and Julia and all the good folks at HYS. Thanks for always having something that I just can’t live without!

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